020202 – a comprehensive text message search

Directory assistance via an SMS

Did you receive a call from an unknown number? Did you forget your friend’s address? The 020202 directory assistance is only an SMS away 24/7, all year round!

020202 Tekstiviestipalvelut

Name and number search for individuals

Contact details for companies
Text NAME TOWN to 020202.

Registration number search
Text REGISTRATION NUMBER (e.g. ABC-123) to 020202.

You will receive the search results in a return text message.

Hot tip! If the SMS search doesn’t work, try sending your message using Finland’s country code (+358), i.e. use the number +35820202.


020202 Tekstiviestipalvelusta selvität yhteystiedot ja ajoneuvon tiedot

Service rates

The SMS search costs €4.90. Please note that we will still charge you for the search even if the information you seek cannot be found or is unavailable due to reasons beyond 02’s control.

If your town or city-specific search returns several results, you will receive all the information at the price of one search. If the name of a person or company you searched for returns results from other parts of Finland, you can expand your search to cover the whole of Finland for €2.90.

If the registration number returns no details, you will get your next registration number search free of charge. The free search is valid for 30 days.

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