020202 – Your daily assistant, also in unexpected situations

02 offers you a broad range of services whenever you need numbers, names or contact details. We are passionate about helping people in Finland find the information they need quickly and easily.
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What is 02?

More than just a directory assistance service

020202 is a service number you can call to get an answer to any question, anytime.
Enquire about a number, name, address or restaurant, reserve a hotel room or book a taxi – 02 is there to help.

You can use our services online, on apps or by SMS and phone. We are happy to assist you across all our channels.

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020202 Palvelu

Whenever you need assistance, directions or answers

020202 will pick up your call within four seconds on every day of the year. Call us to enquire about contact details, the weather or vehicle and boat information. We will help you whether you’re cruising down the road or stuck on the side of it – we will give you directions, get you a tow truck and check what your insurance company is. We are your daily aid: when you have a problem, we are the solution.
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020202 Tekstiviestipalvelut

No more unknown numbers

The SMS services of 02 are a handy tool when you wish to know the owner of an unknown number or when you need contact details. Send a name or a number by SMS to 020202 and you’ll immediately receive the information in a return message.
02 Rekkarista selvität auton tiedot

02 Rekkari

Vehicle details with a quick registration number search

Wondering about the price of a used car or need the car owner’s contact details? 02 Rekkari is your go-to solution. 02 Rekkari gives you the car owner’s details and the car’s technical information and offers you a valuation on the car – quickly, easily and without a hassle.
Tilaa luotettava 02 Taksi

02 Taksi

We care more

Booking a taxi has never been this easy! Across Finland, 02 Taksi always provides you with a local driver, quickly and reliably. You can book a taxi by phone or by using the free 02 Taksi app.