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020202 Palvelut Oy

PL 493, FI-20521 Turku
Business ID 2303781-8

Phone: 09 4272 0877 (mobile charge or local network rate)


·  We record our customer service calls in order to ensure the rights of the involved parties.

·  We use the recordings to improve the quality and expertise of our customer service and to prevent fraudulent conduct.

·  The calls are recorded in a secure manner and in accordance with the data protection regulation and other laws. The recordings will not be used for any other purposes or disclosed to any external parties.

·  The call recordings will only be processed by authorised people bound by professional secrecy.

·  The recordings will be stored for 120 days. After this, they can no longer be accessed anywhere.

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Send a message to the customer experience team of 020202 Palvelu. The customer experience team are happy to help you with any concerns related to the use of 020202 Palvelut as well as matters regarding invoicing and customer feedback. The messages are read on weekdays.