020202 – your daily aid

The 020202 directory assistance
answers any question at any time

The 020202 directory assistance answers any question at any time

The 020202 directory assistance conducts information searches on your behalf and provides assistance as needed. 020202 answers your questions around the clock, 365 days a year! Ask about names, addresses, phone numbers or nearby restaurants or let us book a taxi for you – we offer help in all situations.
Man riding a bike
Man riding a bike

020202 – not your typical directory assistance

Here’s how we help you

02 is more than a directory assistance service. 020202 is a full-service number, specialising in high-quality customer service. We are committed to offering personalised service at all times.
020202 Palvelusta vastataan nopeasti

We always answer quickly

We’re always quick to answer your call – it only takes us about four seconds on average. We’re here to help you, whatever the situation.

Want to know who called you?
Whose car is in your parking space?
Need the address details for an old friend?
Call 020202.

Assistance on the road or by its side

02 helps when you find yourself in a pickle – while travelling, cruising down the road or stuck on the side of it. If your car suddenly breaks down, we will help you in no time. And while you’re on the phone, you can also book a taxi. Did your car break down on the road? Need to contact your insurance company’s breakdown recovery service? Do you have a flat tyre? Call 020202.
Nollakakkonen on apuna, vaikka tien päällä

Service time guarantee

When you call 020202 Palvelu, you won’t be charged until two seconds into the call. There is no service charge for calls that are disconnected within two seconds. Our goal is to get the job done efficiently in just one call. If your 020202 call is over four minutes long, no service charge will be collected for the extra time.

Call forwarding and text message information included in the call price

The price of the call includes call forwarding and the sending of information via SMS. If a call is forwarded to a company or service number that is subject to a charge, the forwarded call will be charged according to the applicable rate for that number. Calls forwarded via 020202 Palvelu are not included in the calling plan of your mobile phone subscription.

Service rates

Monday to Friday 08:00–18:00: €2.92 per call + €0.92 per 10 seconds Other times: €3.50 per call + €1.13 per 10 seconds Your operator will charge you for a local network fee or mobile phone call for the time you spend on queue and for the duration of the call. The prices include VAT (24%). Please note that we will still charge you for the call even if the information you seek cannot be found or is unavailable due to reasons beyond 02’s control.
Piirroskuva puhelimesta

Get your information online

In addition to utilising the 020202 Palvelu databases, our customer service agents conduct online information searches at no additional cost. We always aim to solve your problem without any hassle.

Recorded calls

We will record your call in order to ensure the rights of the involved parties. We use the recordings to improve the quality and expertise of our customer service and to prevent fraudulent conduct. The calls are recorded in a secure manner and in accordance with the data protection regulation and other laws. The recordings will not be used for any other purposes or disclosed to any external parties. The call recordings will only be processed by authorised people bound by professional secrecy.

Minors and elderly customers

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any help concerning the 020202 calls of your underaged child or an elderly family member. A request for clarification can be made by the owner or holder of the subscription as well as by some other person with a power of attorney. However, the content of any phone call can only be discussed with the person who made the call. If you wish to prevent your underaged child or elderly family member from calling 020202 Palvelu, you can request the barring of service numbers by contacting the customer service of the telecommunications operator.